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Tech Rehearsal for "The Tamer Tamed"
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"Com[promising] Future" Behind the Scenes
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Sundance Director's Lab
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"Good Kids" Behind the Scenes
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Opening Night of "The Taming!"
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At the Democratic National Convention 2017
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Powerstreet Theatre Interview
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"Germantown Plays Pericles"
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Designer Run of "The Tamer, Tamed"
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The Tamer, Tamed 

Written/Adapted by Charlotte Northeast & the West Philadelphia community 

Directed by Ang Bey

The Medusa Play

Written by Ang Bey

Directed by Ryan Rebel and Ang Bey

The White Feather Project

Directed by Ang Bey

Dramaturged by Raychel Ceciro

Walk the Line

Written by Ang(ela) Bey

A Soft Landing

Written by Ang(ela) Bey


Written by Ang(ela) Bey

Medusa as Self

Medium(s): free-handed oil pastel.

Stuff of Stars

Commissioned by Genderfunk Philly

Medium(s): water-color paint, acrylic paint, marker, yarn, collaged-paper, glue.

Little Dancer

Medium(s): free-handed marker.


Medium(s): marker, color & graphite pencils.

Every Everyman

Written by Ang(ela) Bey & Ensemble

Co-Directed by Kittson O' Neil and Ang(ela) Bey 


Written & Directed by Ang(ela) Bey

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Staying Power

Written & Performed by Ang(ela) Bey

"Waterfalls" by TLC

Arranged by Ang(ela) Bey

"Sugar, This is Gospel: A Mashup" by Fall Out Boy & Panic! At the Disco

 Arranged by Ang(ela) Bey

"Redbone" by Childish Gambino 

Arranged by Ang(ela) Bey

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